Auto-enrolment: We’re All In

In the coming months the new workplace pension scheme will begin to affect SMEs. Business owners and accountants are (or soon will be!) frantically trying to figure out who’s eligible for auto-enrolment and how much they’re due to pay. HMRC and the Pension Regulator aren’t being too helpful either. Their so-called guidance on auto-enrolment is riddled with dizzying jargon and, as such, only stands to perpetuate the fear surrounding the new legislation.

Check Yo Self

To combat the confusion, we’re offering a totally free online service to allow people to answer the important questions, such as:

  • Who will be automatically enrolled into the workplace pension scheme?
  • How much will those enrolled be required to contribute toward the scheme? And will that change?
  • How much will the employer be required to contribute? And will that change?
  • Is my existing pension compliant with the new rules?
  • Who doesn’t get automatically enrolled?

Our service only requires a small amount of information and can answer all of these questions for you. All we’ll need is the name of the company along with the names of the employees (you can use pseudonyms if you don’t trust us!), each person’s age and salary, and that’s pretty much it. From there we can tell you who needs to be automatically enrolled, who needs to be invited and who isn’t eligible. Simple!

That’s not all!

Of course, to make things even easier you could just let Paycircle take care of all your payroll needs, including, but not limited to, the headache that is auto-enrolment. Paycircle guides you through the process of assessing your team’s eligibility for auto-enrolment, determining how much everybody will be required to contribute to pension pots, and after that – assuming you’ve been blown away by the system so far – you have the option of allowing Paycircle to tackle all your payroll needs. Sound good? Then why not take a look around

Tom Hart

Posted on Monday 11 Jan, 2016, 4 years ago

January 16, 2018

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