Looking for a Senior UI Engineer - near Reading, Berkshire.

HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JavaScript, JQuery, RESTful JSON, SQL

Are you a talented engineer with enviable skills in JavaScript and previous experience with JSON and RESTful Services? Do you live in the South West of England? Are you looking to work in Fintech and work a bit closer to home, not within the environs of the Silicon Roundabout? If so, then we may have just the opportunity for you!

How are you when it comes to

‘Verbal Communication’ – can you talk to anyone and everyone in a team? Can you understand other people’s points of view and help them understand yours without screaming, scratching or pulling out hair and/or teeth?

‘Web User Interface Design’ – can you put yourself in your users shoes and build interfaces that people can actually use, want to use and enjoy using?

‘Web Programming Skills’ – we need to be able to take it for granted that you have a couple of years experiences working with all of the technology that a web applications engineer should have experience in – can we take that for granted?

‘Software Architecture’ – can you easily get to grips with an existing system’s architecture and know how to sensibly build around it to maintain a coherent structure?

‘Software Development Fundamentals’ – do you genuinely understand the fundamentals when it comes to software engineering and are you able to adapt to new technologies as they emerge?

‘Software Debugging’ – are you able to get to the bottom of a problem or deal with an expected issue with tenacity and a desire to fix the problem at it’s root rather than papering over the cracks or ‘fudging it’?

‘Technical Responsibility ‘– are you willing and able to own your own shit and manage your own workload without someone chasing you with a bat and without blaming others when something goes wrong?

‘Written Communication’ – can you write code in a way that other developers can understand and can you write emails and other non-tech communications in a way that non-developers can understand?

Yes to all of those? Please keep reading…

We are building ‘user-centric’ applications that help normal working people understand the complexities of their financial situation – things like understanding their pay, getting their tax right and managing their pensions. The sole purpose of our existence is to build applications that anyone can use to help guide people though the labyrinth of technical compliance that faces us all thanks to the Government and bureaucracy in general.

We are looking for someone to join our development team, which is based in Ascot, Berkshire, to help us make our existing applications better as well as to get involved in a couple of brand new projects planned for later this year.

We are looking for someone who can get to grips with the legalities and processes that drive various compliance initiatives, someone who can understand the pain that people face when having to deal with these initiatives and build interfaces that take away peoples pain and make their lives easier. There is always so much to do so we are looking for someone who really knows how to prioritise. We are a small team so we are looking for someone who can look after their projects from beginning to end, from specification to testing and debugging.

We are completely self funded and, at this point in time, have no external investors or shareholders. We are all commercial and business focussed and we are looking for this attribute in anyone new who joins the team. We are looking for people who fundamentally understand what we are building , why we are building it, what value it has to all of the users and the commercial reasons for prioritising one development idea over another.

If you are still nodding in agreement then please get in touch directly with Cat.

These are the languages that we use:

– JavaScript

These are the frameworks we use

– Angular JS
– Node
– Gulp
– Jasmin / Karma

Our applications run on the Azure platform and we use Git for version control.


Catherine Pinkney

Posted on Saturday 26 May, 2018, 2 years ago

August 24, 2018

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