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May 9, 2017

Setting up and running your agency payroll with Paycircle

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting your agency up and running on Paycircle.

  1. Pick a date to start

    You need to pick a date to switch or start running a new payroll on Paycircle.

    There are a number of factors to consider when switching payroll provider but by far the easiest time to switch is in April, at the beginning of the new tax year.

    That being said, switching after April, switching or starting any time of the year, is perfectly straightforward too. There’s jut a bit more info required in order to get set up. More on the info needed later.

    If you are switching provider because of cost or hassle or because you need to set up and manage a workplace pension, then you really can switch anytime. We suggest you get the ball rolling at the beginning of any month that you want to start. Set up takes around one to two days, depending upon how quickly you can get all the information needed together.

    The same timeframe applies if you are setting up from scratch, although you may need extra time to organise a PAYE reference and an Accounts Office Reference number. You’ll also need to set up an online account with HMRC. See our User Guide, How to register for an online account with HMRC.

  2. Get your information ready

    You need to find out what information you need to get set up.

    Information needed for set up may vary based upon your situation but in most cases we need information about your agency and your agency workers and also information about how and when they get paid. We will need additional information if you have a workplace pension in place.

    It can sometimes take a while to organise this information and get any data files you may need your from previous payroll provider or from your existing payroll software. Once you have all the information though, set up can be done in 24 hours and our Support Team will do this for you.

    For a detailed list of the information needed, see our User Guide, Information and data required to set up a payroll on Paycircle.

    If you have all the information ready, you can head to our Getting Set Up page to get the wheels in motion.

  3. Set up your account

    We’ll get your account set up and connect it to HMRC and your pension company.

    Once we have all the information we need, we will set everything up with your agency data and provide you with a log in to your Paycircle account. We can also give access to other members of your Head Office team and make them administrators on the account too.

    From here, they key things to connect are your PAYE account with HMRC and your workplace pension. This is done by adding all of your key reference numbers in the ‘Company’ section within Paycircle. If you’ve already given us these references, you will be able to see them here.

    If you have a workplace pension set up, this is where we connect to this too. Simply add your scheme’s provider and your Employer Reference and Paycircle can then connect Paycircle to your company pension

    If your pension scheme has been running for more than one month, please contact our Support Team who will help you get the additional ‘member’s data’ we need from your pension provider.

  4. Get ready to run payroll

    Once your account is set up and everything is connected, you’re ready to run your first payroll.

    Start by uploading the data file from your booking system or timesheet management system.

    When you log into your account, head for the Current Payroll area and find your file and upload it.

    Once your file has uploaded, you will get a success message and potentially a message saying that you have some people being paid for the first time. Paycircle knows when you have new joiners and will prompt you to add any missing information required to make sure everyone gets paid correctly on pay day.

  5. Review your payroll

    Once your booking system data is uploaded and you can see all of your workers in the system, it’s time to make all the final checks and adjustments prior to approving the payroll.

    To check everything, simply head to your Current Payroll area and go to Preview Payment.

    The Preview Payment option processes payroll without sending any files to HMRC or your pension provider. This is to enable final checks to be made and revisions where necessary.

    If there are any adjustments to be made they can be made now too. To make an adjustment to a worker simply search for them by name or email and select them to make an adjustment.Once you are done making adjustments, you can preview the payroll again and do a final check on the numbers by checking the reports.

    You can download all of the reports and make sure everything is as you would expect. Once you are happy – it’s time to Approve Payroll

  6. Approve your payroll

    Approving the payroll is actually very quick and easy. It involves going through a short confirmation process then pressing the Approve button.

    You can set a date to send your teams’ payslips

    Get a quick recap on what’s about to be processed

    And success!

  7. Pay your team

    While Paycircle does everything in background, like sending your files to HMRC and your pension provider, the next task is to make the payments.

    If your agency makes the payments to the team then you will need to download the payment file, ready to send to your bank. It’s worth giving it a quick check over to make sure that there is nothing obviously wrong and make sure that the payments are going to be made to your workers on the right day.

    If Paycircle pays everyone on your behalf then we will send you a payment report so that you can deposit the correct amount of cash in our account at least three days in advance of your teams’ payment date.

    There will also be payments to HMRC and your pension provider. Most pension contributions are made automatically on 19th of each month, so long as you have a Direct Debit set up. When nit comes to paying HMRC, either you can make a payment direct to them in your usual way or we can make that payment on your behalf.

    If you are making all of the payments yourself, Paycircle will end you reminders to make sure you don’t forget!

  8. Find your way around

    So, that’s it, your payroll has run the Paycircle way. Your team have been paid and all of your files have been sent to HMRC and your pension company. But, what’s actually going on behind the scenes and how do you find out?

    First of all, if you want to check anything from a payroll that’s already been run, head to your Payroll History. Here you can access all of your reports, receipts and old payslips.If you want to find out any news regarding your payroll, your pension or your team, head to your Dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to track updates relating to all the activity on your account. 

  9. Check your dashboard for updates

    In the past payroll has been something that happened during a few days each month, with various bits of admin going on throughout the rest of the month and saved until payroll.

    With Paycircle their can be constant activity going on behind the scenes, that you don’t have to do anything about, other than be aware it’s happening.

    You’ll be interested to log in to Paycircle from time to time to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Your Paycircle Dashboard will show you who’s registering, who’s had a tax code update, who has opted out of the Workplace Pension. Every time you log in you will be notified of everything that has happened since you last logged in.

    If you want to follow the activity of your Workplace Pension in more detail, head to your Pensions area. Here you can track active members as well as who has opted in and who has opted out.

  10. Tell your friends about Paycircle

    If you like what we are doing and think we are worth talking about, there’s something in it for you too.

    If you refer a company or agency who signs up for Paycircle, we will give the cost of their Paycircle bill off of your Paycircle bill for six months, the more people you tell, the longer you get free or cheaper payroll!

    Contact us for more details of how you can refer your friends.

    And if that’s not your bag, maybe you’ll just put in a kind word for us on your Social travels.

    We look forward to working with you and to making pay day human again for your people.

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