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July 17, 2018

Quick How To Guide: How to add a payroll adjustment

This quick guide will show you how to make payroll changes and adjustments to your team members' pay

  1. Making changes or payroll adjustments is easy with Paycircle.

    There are a few places where you can add adjustments such as additions (expenses, bonuses and overtime) or deductions (unpaid leave, childcare vouchers and loan repayments).

    In the Current Payroll area in the app, you can add an adjustment by clicking on the blue ‘add a change’ button.


    You can select the person first and then click on the cog to view the actions menu for that person. Add a change is the first option on the list.

    Once you have selected the person and the type of adjustment you wish to make, you can save this and carry on adding further adjustments.

    Once you have finished adding your payroll adjustments, you can check everything by simply clicking on the ‘view all changes’ link next to the ‘add a change’ button.

    You can add, delete and edit adjustments right up until you run payroll.

    Check out this 1 minute video on adding changes to payroll to see the process in full.

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