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April 17, 2018

Bureau team: Find your way around Paycircle

This quick guide will show you how to register, access your customers and run your payrolls

  1. Registering for Paycircle

    So easy to register, don’t forget to add a secondary email so you can still access your Paycircle User Portal if your work email changes or you leave your company.

    You only need to register once, your permissions (what you can see and do within the payroll app) are set by the person who invited you.

  2. Viewing your team and making updates

    How to edit an employee’s details, add a new starter, mark someone as a leaver and change someones salary.

  3. Adding changes to your payroll

    How to add changes to payroll, giving someone a bonus and other adjustments.

  4. Submitting payroll for approval

    Show submit for approval process

  5. Viewing pension details

    Looking at pensions area

  6. Viewing reports

    Look around reporting area

  7. Looking for historic information

    Payroll history

  8. Finding documents

    team docs area

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