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July 17, 2018

Agencies: How to use the Paycircle data importer tool

This guide will explain how our agency data importer tool works and the benefits of making sure your data is clean and ready for payroll

  1. Introducing the Paycircle Importer!

    When you’re dealing with so much changing payroll data, it’s easy to end up with incomplete or incorrect figures and information. Dirty data can cause a massive problem when it’s being used to process payroll – there is a huge likelihood that payroll will fail, some people won’t get paid or people may be paid the wrong amount. And, if someone’s paid the wrong amount but doesn’t work again for that particular agency, it can be difficult to recover any money that they were overpaid.

    To overcome this challenge, and because we know the hardship of agency payroll, we’ve built the Paycircle Importer. This allows agencies to run their own payroll, import their own data and save hours of to’ing and fro’ing. And it means no ‘dirty’ data gets into Paycircle.

    What does it do?

    The Importer cleans up your data before it comes into Paycircle in this simple 3-step process:

    • Upload your data – it will check for any syntax/format errors so can you can update them before you approve your payroll. You can also choose to skip it so you don’t have to wait for workers to get back with the correct info. (e.g. NI Number in wrong format, accidental symbol in a postcode – it happens!)
    • Verify your data – your updates are checked and verified until they are fixed or until you choose to skip them
    • Import your file – the Importer checks for rare but potentially critical worker data conflicts that could prevent your payroll from running. If none are found, your new worker data will be saved to Paycircle and your payroll will be built. You can then start adding any changes you need

    What do I need to use it?

    • All you need is your worker data file from your booking system

    How do I get started?

    • Head to the Dashboard or Current Payroll section – assuming the previous payroll has been approved or, if it’s your first time, you’ll see the ‘Import now’ button at the top of the page

    • The importer will open and you can get started!
  2. Upload your data

    • Simply drag and drop your worker file and the upload will begin
    • The Importer will scan your file for any syntax and format errors
    • You’ll be alerted to any problems that Paycircle finds with your data – they’ll be shown in a series of blue cards that you can navigate through, and each will be labelled with the name of the worker and what the issue is
    • You can take one of two actions on each card – you can either ‘skip this entry’ or ‘update’ 

    • ‘Skip this entry’ – we don’t want to hold you up unnecessarily, so you can mark an entry to be skipped (the rest of the user’s data will still be imported, we’ll just skip this particular one for the time being). This will move you on to the next card, but you can always navigate back to update the information later
    • ‘Update’ – if you know how to fix the error, enter the correct information and hit the ‘update’ button. This will move you on to the next card
    • Work through until all of the cards are complete
  3. Verify your data

    • Once this is complete, the Importer will verify any updates
    • If any problems are found with updates, you can return to the ‘upload’ step until they are fixed or skipped
  4. Import your data

    • Once any updates are successfully verified, the file will be ready for the final import step
    • You’ll see a summary outlining the number of updates made and the number of entries that have been skipped

    • Hit the ‘import’ button and the Importer will run a final review and check for potentially critical problems that may prevent the payroll from running successfully
    • If all is well, you’ll see your worker and shift information being imported
    • You can close the Importer while it’s happening and we’ll email you when it’s done
    • You’ll then see a message to say that the import is complete and you can hit the ‘go to payroll’ button 

    • Your payroll has been auto-magically built and you can start adding your changes!
    • If any critical issues are found, such as two people with the same NI number, a red card will appear where the only option is to ‘contact support’

    • In the very rare occasion this happens, it’s important you contact us so we can look into the issue. You won’t be able to complete the import without getting in touch
    • If you press ‘contact support’, a chat window will open where you can talk to one of our support team about the issue. Alternatively, you can email
    • We’ll look into the issue, fix it ASAP and get your payroll ready!
  5. Fixing postcode errors

    • If the importer finds an invalid postcode, you’ll have the option to use the address lookup tool. This will allow you to search for the rest of the address and confirm the postcode. The error will look like this:

    • Click on the ‘Use address lookup’ link and the lookup tool will open, along with the worker’s record to the right. The latter will show the address for the worker:

    • Start typing the first line of the address, and the lookup tool will find valid addresses that match:

    • Select the correct address from the options, it will appear underneath the search box and the ‘Use this address’ button will become available:

    • Clicking the ‘Use this address’ button will update the address for the worker and the Importer will continue with verification
    • If you decide the address isn’t right, you can search again until you find the one you need
    • Alternatively, if you decide you don’t wish to use the address lookup tool, simply click ‘Cancel address lookup’ to return to the original error card. You could always skip the entry for now and edit it in the worker’s profile later
  6. Saving your progress

    • At certain points you can save your progress, exit the Importer and come back later
    • When this is possible, you’ll see a ‘save and close’ button in the top right corner of the screen
    • You may wish to save your progress so you can step away and check some of the errors with your workers or against your records (or get a coffee, or wine… we don’t judge)
    • If you do save your progress and close the Importer, you’ll see that the Current Payroll page will reflect your progress. You can hit ‘resume import’ at any time to carry on
  7. Cancelling your import

    • While the import is in progress, you can cancel it at any time if you need to
    • Use the ‘cancel import’ link in the top right corner of the Importer or the ‘cancel import’ link shown on the Current Payroll page, if the Importer isn’t open
    • This will delete all of the import data and take you back to the beginning as if the import had never started
  8. Undoing your import

    • Once your import has completed successfully and the payroll has been built, you can still undo your import if you need to, using the ‘undo import’ link at bottom of the Current Payroll page
    • Undoing your import will completely remove everything from Current Payroll, including any adjustments you may have made manually after the import. Make sure you’re certain you want to go back to the beginning!
    • If you click on ‘undo import’, we’ll remind you of what will happen if you confirm. Don’t want you losing all of your hard work now, do we?


  9. Incomplete workers

    • An incomplete worker is someone in your team who is missing some information that is needed to approve the payroll successfully
    • Once the import is complete, you might see a message at the top of Current Payroll saying that you need to complete some information for the workers you have imported


    • You’ll only see this if a worker that was on the import file doesn’t already exist in your team and you’ve skipped an entry for them that is necessary, such as their NI number
    • If you click the ‘complete my team’ link on the purple message, it will take you to the Team section where you can see who you need to complete in order to approve your payroll
    • If they need completing, they’ll have a blue box around them


  10. And that's it!

    And that’s how to use the Paycircle Importer for your agency payroll!

    Save time and effort with this simple tool.

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