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October 18, 2017

Agencies: Information and data required to set up a payroll with Paycircle

Here is a list of the information you need to have plus some decisions you may need to make prior to getting set up

  1. Information about your agency

    Tell us:

    • Your agency’s name
    • Your agency’s address
    • Your agency’s logo – for your payslips
    • An agency contact and email – for employees pay queries
    • An agency contact and email for any queries we may have about your payroll
    • Details of any team members who require Administrator access to Paycircle
    • Details of your Head Office payroll and if you plan to run it separately or with your agency worker payroll
  2. Your agency's HMRC References

    Tell us:

  3. Your bespoke payroll set up

    Tell us:

    • Your agency’s pay periods – weekly or monthly etc
    • The pay periods start and end days or dates – e.g. first to last day of each month or 15th to 14th each month or Monday to Sunday, if weekly
    • The payment day – e.g. the last day of each month or the 15th of each month or every Friday, if they are paid weekly
    • The day your employees are notified they’ve been paid and receive their payslips – normally the same day as the payment day
    • Whether they are paid a month in arrears – some agencies pay periods are first to the last day of the month with the payment day being the end of the following month. This is called payment in arrears
    • Your agency’s Holiday Pay policy –  e.g. the holiday pay could be rolled up @12.07% or paid on top, your policy can affect whether holiday pay is itemised separately on the employee payslip or not
    • Your payroll ‘cut off’ period – the date or day that your employees booking or shifts data is uploaded into Paycircle
    • Your agency’s payroll processing day or date – the day that everything is processed and you know everyone’s pay and tax information. This may be different to the actual approval date, as you may leave a period in between processing and approval and payment, so that the data can be checked for errors or missing information
    • Your preferred payment method – how you make payments to your team – Faster Payments, BACS, bank transfer, cheque etc
    • Who makes the payments – your agency, your payroll provider, someone else? If Paycircle makes the payments we need to have cleared funds in our account 3 days before the payments need to be made, we will also pass on any bank charges incurred
  4. Agency worker information

    For each individual we’ll need:

    • First name and last name
    • Date of birth
    • First line of their home address and postcode
    • National Insurance number and category (normally A)
    • Gender
    • Employers reference number / payroll ID
    • Company or personal email address
    • Tax code including  the W1/M1 indicator, if they have one
    • Starter Declaration information – A,B or C (particularly for new agencies setting up for the first time)
    • Year To Date information for every employee who has been paid this tax year (you won’t need this if you’re starting in April)
    • Employee’s bank details – if you are planning to use Paycircle to create a bank file for paying employees

    You should be able to get this information very easily from your current software provider or software package. Here is an example layout of a file showing all of the employee data required to set up and run your first payroll (pink fields are mandatory).

  5. Your pension information

    Tell us:

    • Your agency’s Staging Date for auto enrolment – whether there’s a scheme in place already or if the staging date is in the future. You can use our Staging Date calculator to check, you’ll need your PAYE Reference to hand
    • Which pension company you have chosen or are going to choose – if there is a scheme in place, we’ll need to know which pension provider you’ve chosen and your scheme’s Employer Reference Number
    • If there is a scheme in place, we will also need an export of your member’s pension data – this is to take into account historic opt-ins and opt-outs and make sure that everyone’s enrolment status is correct.
    • Whether or not your agency postpones pension assessment for all new employees (normally three months)

    Paycircle connects automatically to six different pension providers:

    NEST (National Employment Savings Trust), NOW Pensions, Legal & General, The People’s Pension, Smart Pensions and Aviva.

    If you have a different pension provider to any of these, or have any questions at all relating to any of this information, please contact our Support Team.

  6. Sending your data to Paycircle

    Once you have everything ready, you can either upload your own information or contact our Support Team, who will get everything set up for you.

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