Our New Feature Webinar Series for October and November 👊💥🚀

Paycircle customers, join us on our feature webinars to learn more about some of Paycircle’s key features.

Here is the webinar event listing for October and November:

🙌 Friday 8th Oct 10 am – Importing (duration 45 mins)
😊 Wednesday 13th Oct- 10am – Employee portal (duration 30 mins)
📊 Friday 22nd Oct 10am – Reporting (duration 45 mins)
🤓 Thursday 4th Nov 10am – Occupational Policies (duration 60 mins)
👩‍⚕️ Wednesday 10th Nov 10am – Medical functionality (duration 60 mins)
🗒 Friday 19th Nov 10am – Payroll Journals (duration 60 mins)

We will be hosting regular feature webinars and we will be including some different existing and new features each month.

See you there!