What are Year to Date Figures (YTDs)?
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‘Year to Date’ figures, sometimes displayed as ‘YTDs’, outline the amount someone has been paid so far in the current tax year (April to April).

YTD figures may also show how much people have paid in National Insurance, tax, pensions and student loans.

YTD figures usually appear on people’s payslips, their P45’s when they leave a company and also on their end of year P60’s.

You may need your team’s YTD figures if you’re switching payroll provider. You can find them on your last batch of payslips (your very last one’s before you switch) or in a file that you can export from your existing payroll software. If you have an accountant or bookkeeper they should be able to send you the correct file, although sometime they may charge you something for providing it!

If you are switching payroll provider anytime after April, you must have these up-to-date figures entered into your new software correctly otherwise it causes chaos with your teams’ tax affairs and with your PAYE account with HMRC.

Roisin Gray

Posted on Monday 24 Oct, 2016, 4 years ago

June 16, 2020

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