Viewing and downloading a payslip summary in Paycircle

To check payslips prior to submitting payroll

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To check your payroll numbers prior to submitting your payroll to HMRC there are many reports available for you to view online or download. One of these reports is a Payslip summary report. This is a report which gives a reduced view of your teams’ payslips and is laid out three payslips per page. It can be found in your reporting area within the Current period once you have calculated payroll, prior to actually running your payroll and making submissions.

Downloading a payslip summary report

In your Current period, once you’ve made all of your payroll adjustments you can calculate your payroll to check your payroll numbers. Once you have calculated your payroll, your reports will be generated for you to view online or download in a variety of formats. These reports include your Payroll summary report, your workplace pension report (if you have a workplace pension), a Comparison report, an Audit report and your Payslip summary report.

You can view your Payslip summary report as a PDF download. It is formatted three payslips per page

Example Payslip summary report

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