Turning on electronic updates in Paycircle

Get automatic tax code and student loan notices from HMRC directly into Paycircle

It’s easy to switch on electronic updates in Paycircle. If you have an online account with HMRC, you can connect your HMRC account to Paycircle in order to receive tax code and student loan notices automatically, rather than adding these updates manually.

HMRC issues updates regularly and Paycircle checks every 24 hours for new updates and then automatically applies the changes to your team member’s records.

Head to the Company Settings area, go to the References and updates section and click the edit button. You will then be able to add your HMRC online account details to enable electronic updates.

Turn on electronic updates in Company Settings

Add your HMRC User ID and password for your online HMRC account and press the save button. Paycircle will then validate your credentials on saving them.

Don’t forget to check that you have electronic updates enabled at HMRC’s end. If you’re not sure, check your online account. For more information regarding turning on electronic updates with HMRC, check out our article How to enable electronic HMRC notices.

Add your HMRC online account information

Catherine Pinkney

Posted on Wednesday 17 Apr, 2019, 6 months ago

September 22, 2019

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