Re-employing someone who's previously left your company

A simple way of adding someone back onto the payroll if they've worked for you previously

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If you have someone, who was previously employed by your company (and was set up on Paycircle for payroll) and you want to re-employ them, you can do this easily without having to add them again as a new employee.

To re-employ or add someone back to the payroll who has previously left your company simply head to the Team section in Paycircle. On the right hand side of the screen you’ll see a ‘show all’  link to enable you to filter the view of your team members. If you click on ‘show all’ you can select ‘Leavers’ in the dropdown menu. From your list of people who have left your company you can select the person that you want to add back on to the payroll.

Once you’ve selected the right person simply click on the actions widget on the right hand side of the persons record and select ‘Rejoin leaver’ from the drop down menu items.

If you click on the ‘Rejoin leaver’ menu option, you will then see a window explaining what happens next and asking you to confirm that you want to add this team member back onto the payroll. By confirming that you want to rejoin this employee, they will be added back into your current team and out of the ‘Leaver’ area.

The ‘rejoined’ employee then shows in your Team section as incomplete. This is because you will need to add some additional information, such as their new start date and some pay and tax information (or a new starter declaration) so that the system has up-to-date information regarding this employee’s tax status.

To finish adding this employee back to the payroll, simply complete the sections of their profile that are incomplete.

Once you’ve done this, the employee is all set up and ready for you to run payroll.

Catherine Pinkney

Posted on Friday 24 Aug, 2018, 2 years ago

August 25, 2018

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