I am an employee - can I opt out of a Workplace Pension?
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Yes you can.

Opting out with your pension company

To opt out you need to contact your pension provider directly. You cannot just tell your employer that you want to opt out. The Pensions Regulator wants to make sure that employees are making the decision to opt out for themselves and therefore you must opt out directly with the pension provider that your company has chosen.

When you become enrolled into the pension you will either be sent an email or a pack in the post from the pension company. In this pack or email it should explain how you go about opting out. Normally it involves logging in to the provider’s online portal and putting in your National Insurance number and an ’employee reference’ in order to access your information and opt out.

A couple of things to note about opting out

To fully opt out and be reimbursed your initial pension contribution, you need to opt out within a certain timeframe. This is normally around 30 days from the date that you receive your members pack or email.

If you opt out after this period it is called Ceasing Active Membership and you will stop making contributions from that point forward but you will not be reimbursed any contributions that you have already made.

If you do decide to opt out, your employer must re-enrol you every three years from the company’s duties start date (if you still meet the criteria) and you have to opt out each time if you want to remain opted out of the scheme.

If you opt out or cease contributions for a period of time your employer does not need to contribute during this period either. If you stop contributions so can they.


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June 16, 2020

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