What is a Declaration of Compliance?

A Declaration of Compliance is an online form on the Pensions Regulator’s website. You need to complete a Declaration of Compliance after your company has performed its initial duties for auto enrolment. It is essentially confirmation that you have been compliant and followed the pension rules correctly. It must be completed within five months from your staging date or pension duties start date and if you do not complete it on time, the Pensions Regulator may start to issue your company fines for non-compliance.

You must also complete a Re-declaration of Compliance every three years, when your company goes through the cyclical three year re-enrolment process.

To fill it out yourself on the Pension Regulator’s website, you’ll need:

The Pensions Regulator has produced a Declaration of Compliance Checklist if you want to prepare your answers to the questions in advance.

Roisin Gray

Posted on Wednesday 7 Dec, 2016, 3 years ago

November 25, 2018

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