Automatic tax code updates
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When you’re using Paycircle, the system automatically checks for any tax code updates or student loan notices every day at midnight.

Paycircle can do this as long as valid HMRC log in details are added into the ‘Company’ section.

The system updates every night as long as your tax code updates are set to ‘digital’ rather than ‘paper’ with HMRC, so any tax code updates will come directly from HMRC – this means that Paycircle will only ever be 24hrs behind HMRC.

It will update every night, and stop when the payroll ‘preview’ is first run and the first report is generated. This is to prevent the reports being used to pay your team, while other updates are being performed.

Roisin Gray

Posted on Monday 24 Oct, 2016, 4 years ago

January 16, 2018

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