Paycircle Workplace Pension

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Quick and easy to set-up

  • No set-up fees
  • Takes a few minutes per team member
  • Just need your last batch of payslips
  • Support from us on hand if you need it
  • Free data migration for accountants and bookkeepers
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Make changes on the fly

  • Anyone with access can make changes
  • Add adjustments directly, no more spreadsheets
  • Audit trail of who has made changes and when
  • Log in from any device to add an adjustment
  • Make adjustments right up until the last minute
  • Lock adjustments ready for review when you’ve finished

Super helpful payroll

  • Reminders for all things payroll - from adjustments to approval
  • Set to auto-run for simple payroll
  • Dashboard for accountants for easy deadline management
  • Real time feedback for employee pension status changes, opt-ins and opt-outs
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Run payroll with one click

  • One button approval - Paycircle does everything else
  • ‘Approve all’ functionality for accountants and bookkeepers
  • All files automatically sent to HMRC and pension providers
  • Automatic notification to employees that they’ve been paid
  • Easy access to pay and pension reports, no need for emails

Everybody benefits

  • Multiple administrators - share the workload
  • Accountants and companies can all access the same data - real time
  • Employees can manage their own pay and pension data online
  • Immediate, unlimited, free online support for everyone
More for Employees
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Manages Workplace Pension automatically

  • Seamlessly connects to multiple pension providers
  • Automatic assessment of all employees every payroll
  • Automatically communicates with employees around pension status changes
  • Employees can opt in and opt out via their individual portals
  • Adjust all pension settings via Paycircle - no need inform your pension provider

Stay on top of everything

  • Never miss a compliance deadline
  • Manage payroll admins, add and remove administrators easily
  • Dashboards show everything going on behind the scenes
  • Real time pension assessment for new joiners, including free pension reports
  • Automatic tax code updates applied and displayed on all dashboards
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