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For the first time, Paycircle enables small and micro business owners to run their own payroll and manage their workplace pension without having to know anything about the complex tax and compliance stuff – it’s all done under the bonnet and completely jargon-free.

Set up payroll in three simple steps

Choose a pay period

Choose weekly or monthly, then pick a date to switch to Paycircle. Invite your team to register and give your accountant a login too.

Set up your team

Add your team including some of their pay info (stuff that's found on last month's payslips) and your team are good to go.

Add reference numbers

Connect your account to HMRC. Once you are ready you can log in on any device and run your payroll with one click of a button.

Take control of your payroll

Paycircle payroll
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Make changes on the fly
  • Run payroll with one click
  • Total collaboration for everyone involved
  • Automatic management of your workplace pension
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Workplace Pension for free!

Paycircle can set-up and run your new workplace pension for free - no fuss, no hassle, totally automated and integrated with your teams payroll each month.

More about Workplace Pensions
Paycircle workplace-pension

for Employees

Want to know what’s on your payslip or how the new workplace pension rules are going to affect you?

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for Accountants

Streamline your payroll process – work collaboratively with all of your clients in the cloud.

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What our users are saying

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“Paycircle is the only solution available that directly talks with NEST. Since we are using NEST for our auto enrolment pension, this feature meant I wasn’t going to have to manually input the pensions details into the NEST portal every month.”

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“Even the thought of auto-enrolment filled me with a profound existential despair, so I feared actually doing it might send me into yet another depressive episode. In the event, and what, with hindsight, I consider an act of God, I stumbled across Paycircle.”

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“Admin is my least favourite thing. In fact I’d go so far as to say I hate it. I had never run my own payroll, the thought had never even crossed my mind. Now I run my own payroll from the farm on my mobile phone each month. I don't stress about it at all.”

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