Our November release marks the end of a phase of testing and development with over 13,000 beta customers – whose support we will be eternally grateful for.

We launched Paycircle beta in January 2016 and we have been working tirelessly to get the product to a standard that will change the way payroll is managed for bureaus and accountants and for companies and, ultimately, their employees.

Three years is a long time to be in beta. No doubt, we could have launched a live product sooner but we chose to stay in beta longer due to the nature of the software and the market we are servicing. Payroll simply has to be correct – and compliant. There are no shortcuts and system bugs that can cause miscalculations in payroll or pension contributions that affect real peoples’ pay can’t happen, not even whilst in beta. So we’ve always had the added pressure of maintaining a robust platform, whilst adding in new features at a superfast pace during our entire beta phase. We don’t mind admitting it’s been hair-raising at times!

On top of all this we have worked hard to stay true to our core values. User experience is at the heart of our platform and every feature we build – ease of use, saving people time, elegant design, education for non-specialists, enabling collaboration and, of course, the removal of all the complex ‘red tape’ around payroll and pension compliance.

The past few weeks have seen our final sprint to get out of beta. We have added over forty new features and made many enhancements to our existing features. Coming out of beta marks the end of a phase of development, which has been dedicated to bringing our functionality and features in line with the legacy payroll software products in the UK, many of which have been around for decades. These legacy products cannot offer the cloud-based collaboration or user experience that Paycircle is dedicated to and already delivering to our beta users.

In our next release we will be delivering 200% more app – we will be storming ahead of legacy payroll products and providers and looking to take our position as market leaders.

Over the past three years, as well as building our product we have built an outstanding team. We have grown together and learned how to work together as a team. Here at Paycircle, we have an abundance of talent, passion, drive and dedication. And, as a team, we are committed to delivering even more over the coming months and years.

So, on behalf of the whole Paycircle team, I’d like to thank our beta customers again for their support over the past three years, we couldn’t have done it without ya. And to all our prospective customers out there – now is the time to come and join the fun!