The history of Paycircle is rich and varied, in a dry and deeply limited kind of way.

Paycircle - About Us

In the early nineties, our founders, a motley crew of geeks and beancounters who even today struggle to make eye contact, launched a software product called Alphatax, centred around corporation tax.

We won’t drill down into the details of what it did because it was so mind-numbingly dull there’s a fair chance you’ll have a stroke.

Nevertheless, Alphatax was considered by the partner of one leading practice to be ‘a bloody good show’ and was quickly snapped up by the Big Four, i.e. Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and Ernst & Young.

The rest of the UK’s leading accountancy firms followed shortly thereafter. We were in dreamland and the company went from strength to strength. Reflecting our newfound extravagance, red cords were worn publicly. Somebody even bought a horse.

Paycircle - Sold!

In 2004, we sold Alphatax, went to Magaluf for a fortnight, partied like it was 1999 all over again, and then, while we were all being rubber-gloved in Heathrow, decided to set up another piece of incredibly dull (but actually very useful) software.

This time the software related to payroll for companies with complex tax requirements. We knew we were onto something, and that we had a uniquely powerful and intuitive payroll platform, but we needed a name.

Being in the same creative bracket as warm roadkill, we struggled to find a name for our new technology. One suggestion was ‘De-Tax’, which clearly rolls off the tongue, another ‘Moxie’, a fiercely protected doll trademark and Australian tampon brand.

Thankfully, during one brainstorm, a man turned up to fix the aircon and suggested, for the offer of a Jammie Dodger, Paycircle. And thus the product was born — and once again it flew off the shelves like Ikea plates in a domestic row.


When Workplace Pensions started to pick up steam, Jamie, one of our team, had a Vicky the Viking moment and saw an opportunity to offer the best AE solution out there — a fully automated one.

After all, a workplace pension is fundamentally linked to payroll and in the land of payroll land, we rule. Well, Jamie does. The rest of us are now his subjects and he’s becoming increasingly tyrannical.

Either way, Paycircle was born.

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