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Looking for a payroll expert?

Anybody who has ever been looking for a new member of the accounts team will recall the countless CVs with buzzwords and phrases, claiming to be a payroll expert and fully Sage trained as many times as possible. It’s no lie that everybody likes to have something they’re good at, and job applications are the perfect and most appropriate place to showcase such skills. People just love to be labelled an ‘expert’. Some companies even have a whole full-time job dedicated to payroll.

But, is it even possible any more to be a ‘payroll expert’? I mean, certainly there will be those who have more of a flare for numbers and spreadsheets than the rest, but with emerging technologies and affordable software available these days (hint hint, Paycircle), these skills are becoming less and less of a requirement, and more of a novelty. And bragging rights, obviously.

Do you really need one?

To be honest, it is no longer necessary to be a payroll expert. Yes, it’s a business function usually dumped on the accounts team or HR, but really, anyone can do it. Maria from Marketing, Nick from IT, Dominic from Operations, Eleanor from Sales, even the big boss CEO – you name them, they can do it. Thanks to the increasing availability of easy-to-use platforms (another plug), even your nan could do it.

That’s not to say that the roll of a payroll expert is obsolete; huge companies employing hundreds, even thousands, of employees, may well need a dedicated person to do the job. But, for small businesses, the need is just not there.

So, back to the big question – how many times do you have to run a payroll to become a payroll expert? The answer is this: once. Payroll does not need to remain a victim of over complication as it has done in the past. Yes, it is a vital business function that cannot be overlooked, but it does not cause the pain, stress and heartache that it did once upon a time. It is plain, simple and easy. When you’re using Paycircle, that is.

Now, it’s your turn!

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Unfortunately we don’t hand out certificates affirming your new-found payroll expert status, but you’ll know it, deep down. Well done you.


Roisin Gray

Posted on Monday 5 Sep, 2016, 3 years ago

January 16, 2018

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