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A lot of companies are claiming they can automate the auto-enrolment process. We’re not so sure. Although other software providers’ solutions may well simplify some aspects of the process, we are yet to find another company who are offering a product which is able, like Paycircle, to automate the entire process from start to finish AND manage payroll and auto enrolment on a monthly (or however often you pay your team) basis . The closest thing we’ve seen are payroll systems which calculate how much everybody is due to pay into the pension pot, collate the data, and then present you with some sort of export file which must then be sent to your pension provider, some can link directly to the pension provider. Is this helpful? Sure. Is it genuinely automated? Nope – still requires user interaction. No one product can manage the entire shebang. What about communicating everything to your team, what about managing the constant invitations to join and the opting in and opting out? What about new people joining the company? What about taking contribution holidays?

The NEST is the BEST

What’s more, doing it this way means you’ll still have to spend countless hours choosing a provider and a plan and, even when you’ve finally reached a decision, there’s always the possibility you’ll be turned away because remember it’s only NEST (the government-backed provider) that are obligated to accept all business.

Ideally, what you want is a bit of software which not only assesses the team and does all the calculations but also communicates directly with your pension provider, depositing all contributions into the pension pot each month so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

At last! Automated auto-enrolment!

This is where Paycircle comes in. It’s the only automated software for payroll on the market (that we know of!) which offers genuine automation. It costs just £1 per person per month and setup is quick and easy. Why not make a start right now by using our free auto-enrolment assessment tool to find out who in your team is eligible, how much they’ll contribute and how much it’ll cost you? This process shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes and, once completed, you’ll have the option to give us a few more bits of info and let Paycircle take care of all your payroll needs.

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Tom Hart

Posted on Monday 21 Dec, 2015, 4 years ago

January 16, 2018

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