Front-end developer? Join our team!

So, is it all about looks? Well, sort of...

We are looking for a passionate Frontend Developer to come and join our team.

Is it all about looks? When is it ok to judge a book by its cover? We think its when what’s under the surface is even better. We’re looking for a passionate Frontend Developer that delivers ‘skin deep’ beauty plus substance to join our outgoing, talented team.

Team Vacancy

A glimpse into the wonderful world of Paycircle

At Paycircle, we are developing applications that are capable of beautifully complex things. We want our products to be as stunning visually as the architecture and engineering that sits just below the surface.

Yep, first impressions do matter, you never get a second chance to make a good one according to a Head & Shoulders ad in the 1980’s, so we want to make sure that we delight our users with every interaction, including the very first one. We are looking for someone to work with us who can help us achieve this and we will do whatever it takes to find the people who can make our ‘front end’ sing in harmony with our elegant engineering and our strong core values.

We don’t need to list languages and technological terms at you. You already know what you use to make peoples experiences so perfect that they weep with joy. What we want is for you to get in touch with us – we promise we will make it a wonderful and rewarding experience…

Please get in touch and send us your CV in whatever format you see fit. We’d really like to see a portfolio of some recent projects too.

Job Type:

Full-time / Flexible hours / Partnership ethos


£25,000-40,000 /year

Job Location:

Ascot / Central London /Working from home

Catherine Pinkney

Posted on Monday 1 Aug, 2016, 3 years ago

January 16, 2018

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