Frequently asked questions about Paycircle API



What payroll data is available?

The Paycircle API gives you programmatic access to your payroll information stored in the application - empowering your in-house reporting or helping you synchronise data with your complementary third party applications.

The available information includes:

  • companies
  • team members
  • payroll periods
  • payments

Does the API provide webhooks?

Yes, you can subscribe to webhooks to get callbacks when actions are completed e.g. when payroll is run.

Can data be imported directly through the API?

Currently you can't use the API to push data directly into your Paycircle payroll. However, you can load up data ready to import through the application. This two step approach is necessary due to concerns about the quality of data ported from legacy systems. Our import UI has advanced validation procedures which make interaction direct with the API a sub-optimal approach. Hence we require that all data imported into the system must ingress using this highly-optimised process.



How is the API authenticated?

Currently the Paycircle API uses Basic Authentication. To access the site, we'll issue you with credentials which you add to your request header using standard formatting as follows:

  • Key: 'Authorization'
  • Value: 'Basic ' + Base64 encoding of your username and password separated with a colon.

Tools like Postman include native support for this authentication method.

Do you support OAuth2?

Not currently, but this will be arriving in 2022.



Where can I find documentation related to the API?

Our developer portal has full documentation together with a built-in capability for test the API.