Welcome to the future of payroll

For the first time company owners are able to run their own payroll and manage their workplace pension without having to know anything about the complex tax and compliance rules – it’s all taken care of under the bonnet, with an interface that’s simple and jargon-free.


No payroll experience needed, no training required - that’s a promise


The modern way to pay your team - correctly and on time, every time


We put people first, humans are at the heart of everything we do

We make pay day human at a price that’s human too

£1 per employee per pay run

  • Super simple set up
  • Run payroll with one button click
  • Automated pensions
  • Automated payments
  • Secure employee portal
  • Interactive payslips
  • Automatic tax code updates
  • Customised reports
  • Payroll journals
  • Holiday and sickness tracking
  • Autorun payroll
  • 100% compliant - HMRC accredited

You need Paycircle at the core of your payroll process, find out why

21st century payroll

We’re passionate about technology

  • And we’re passionate about making people’s lives easier
  • Paycircle is a payroll app built by business people for business people
  • User experience is at the heart of everything we do
  • And to quote our users “Paycircle has been built with love”

Cloud-based technology

Fast, scalable, collaborative and secure. We’ve built Paycircle using the latest tech - because the payroll world needed it.

Total Automation

If it’s a process, we automate it. If it’s complex we simplify it. We’ve got the payroll process down to one button click - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because it’s all about your team

Paycircle is completely jargon free and helpful for employees. For the first time your teams’ payslips will make sense. Oh and they’re online and really pretty too.

Set up payroll in three simple steps

Choose a pay period

Choose weekly or monthly, then pick a date to switch to Paycircle. Invite your team to register and give your accountant a login too.

Set up your team

Add your team including some of their pay info (stuff that's found on last month's payslips) and your team are good to go.

Add reference numbers

Connect your account to HMRC. Once you are ready you can log in on any device and run your payroll with one click of a button.

Take control of your payroll

Paycircle payroll
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Make changes on the fly
  • Run payroll with one click
  • Total collaboration for everyone involved
  • Automatic management of your workplace pension

Manage your Workplace Pension for free!

With Paycircle you can set-up and run your workplace pension for free - no fuss, no hassle, totally automated and integrated with your teams payroll each month.

More about Workplace Pensions
Paycircle workplace-pension

We look after the numbers so your employees don’t feel like one

What’s the point in having loads of cool perks and great benefits if your employee’s experience of getting paid is stuck in the 1950’s. Take a look at Paycircle - your team will definitely thank you for it.

Watch our online demo or sign up for a 30 day free trial

Paycircle is extremely easy to use and hassle free. It has a simple interface which allows you to know what’s happening and when. If there is anything you are unsure of, just call on the support team who respond rapidly! We highly recommend Paycircle.

Paycircle is the company to use for your UK payroll processing! We’re a US based company, and they helped us tremendously in getting set up and educating us to their processes. I would definitely use them if you are looking for a payroll solution.

Paycircle have helped Exhibition Girls organise our temporary staffing PAYE payroll. In an industry which is at times confusing and unregulated. Paycircle offer an excellent solution for staffing agencies and temporary agency workers...

Paycircle have streamlined the way I run my monthly payrolls, which are mainly for sole company directors. Sage payroll has some serious competition! Highly recommended.

We've used Paycircle for our payroll services for over a year now and the service couldn't be easier. We send them our requirements each month and they do the rest. It's a hassle free and cost effective way for us to manage our complex payments to casual workers.

Even the thought of auto-enrolment filled me with a profound existential despair, so I feared actually doing it might send me into yet another depressive episode. In the event, and what, with hindsight, I consider an act of God, I stumbled across Paycircle.

Paycircle is the most innovative and user-friendly payroll system on the market, the integration to pensions with the auto enrolment process being taken care of on behalf of employers is amazing and takes minutes to complete.

We approached Paycircle to assist us with our staff payroll needs. They have helped us transform our payroll system & bring us into the 21st century with the current online payroll technology! I would definitely recommend Paycircle.

Paycircle has solved an important issue for us in providing a seamless interface between our payroll and autoenrollment provider including automated communications to staff.

Paycircle is the only solution available that directly talks with NEST. Since we are using NEST for our auto enrolment pension, this feature meant I wasn’t going to have to manually input the pensions details into the NEST portal every month.

We (very luckily) stumbled across Paycircle via social media and decided to look into their services more closely, once we had a chat with their team regarding the payroll services and support they could offer our business...

I used Sage for a number of years and, while I wasn’t exactly smitten by it, could never see myself using anything else. And then I heard about Paycircle. Now payroll isn’t just cheaper but – as unbelievable as it sounds – rather enjoyable, too.

It’s easy to get started

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