It’s been quite a while since there has been a brand new player in the payroll world. Something ground-breaking, something exciting, something user-centric. Until now.

If you own a small business, you’ll understand the monthly so-boring-it-could-put-you-in-a-coma process of paying your team on software looking older than your nan.

Over the years, payroll has become an admin process, monotonously entering the numbers without a second thought. But, shouldn’t it be fun? Payroll is about paying the team you employ for all of their hard work over the month, so shouldn’t people be celebrating rewarding the team?

The main thing to understand about Paycircle is its user-centricity. With every other payroll software out there, the ‘user’ is defined as the company paying for and implementing the software. However, our idea of the ‘user’ is the individual. The person working for a company or agency, being paid weekly or monthly by their employer – introducing the employee portal.

Essentially, the portal follows you around. Not like a creepy ex-boyfriend, more like a good friend who misses you.  When you move from one company or agency to another (providing they are using Paycircle) your pay information tax details are all still available to view and download in your portal. Similarly, if you’re an agency or temp worker employed by more than one agency, you’ll be able to view all information in one place.

If you previously had an account with another employer, you’ll be recognised once you join the new company. And, just like magic, you’re right where you left off. Payday heaven.

Yes, it’s great for the individuals, but just as great for the companies running their payroll through Paycircle. Thanks to the portal, payroll becomes an integrated part of your day-to-day work life. If you’re having your 11am coffee (or wine, we don’t judge) and it suddenly hits you – when you get back to your desk, you must remember to write down on a Post-It note in huge letters: “remember to put through Janet’s £450 bonus she’s due this month”. Then, the dreaded turmoil begins. You forget. Poor Janet doesn’t get her bonus and so can’t buy her son his new school uniform. This, in turn, results in poor 6-year-old Tommy having to go to school in ankle swingers and a shirt that shows his belly. Feeling guilty yet?

Imagine if you could whip out your phone, log in and make the adjustment there and then. Janet gets her bonus, little Tommy gets to look a million dollars in his shiny new uniform, and you don’t lie awake at night wondering how you’ll defend yourself in your disciplinary hearing tomorrow. Everyone’s happy, right? We strive to mimic natural behaviour, so when you remember something you need to add into this month’s payroll, you can do it at any time, from any device on the fly. No biggy on our part.

With Paycircle, you’re not just another number in the densely populated system. You’re an individual with a past and a future, which is why all of your information should be easily accessible from one simple place. Again, no biggy.

Payroll is no longer a boring compliance process; it’s a real-time, integrated system that works the way you do. We’ve put a new spin on the word ‘payroll’ – in Paycircle’s dictionary, the word ‘payroll’ is defined as something magical, something which evokes feelings of awe and wonder. We’re new in this space, and are here to put the joy back into payday for everyone.