Paycircle Bureau Platform

The ultimate platform for your payroll bureau business

Streamline your payroll processes. Remove unnecessary admin.

Empower your team. Improve your bottom line.

Payroll collaboration as you’ve never seen it before.

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Manage access

With Paycircle, everyone can have the correct level of access to input or extract the information they need, when they need it.

Share responsibilites

Add as many collaborators as you want, set permissions and grant and restrict access with a click of a button — all managed effortlessly by your bureau.

Adjust in real time

Empower your clients to add or upload their adjustments directly into Paycircle. Paycircle will automatically sense check the data and flag up potential errors.

Reduce errors

Do away with siloed and error-prone spreadsheets forever - and make life easier for your team in the process. RIP CSV.

Do more with less

With collaboration comes improved process management and efficiency.

Paycircle is fully automated and does all the heavy lifting, freeing up more of your team’s time so your bureau can look after more clients. Your team can provide a first class client experience without costing anything more in time or resource.

Process management is built into the Paycircle platform, while tasks and deadline management are tracked and managed so that a bureau manager can have visibility of everything at all times.

Run payroll quicker than ever

Get payroll down to a single press of a button - or better still no button pressing at all!

Choose one button approval or auto-run payroll and everything is automated from there.

  • Approves, finalises and and submits all RTI files to HMRC
  • Performs pension assessments, enrolments (including opt-in and opt-outs), sends employee communications and submits files to pension providers
  • Generates payslips and sends employees emails to say they’ve been paid on the date you specify
  • Stat payments and Attachment of Earnings orders are automatically calculated, applied and the employees notified
  • Payments to team members, HMRC and pension providers can be made with one single cash transfer
  • Employees access their pay information via their own unique portal - direct access to all documents 24/7, even after they’ve left the business

Paycircle’s automated platform significantly reduces the effort required and errors made across the board. Automation, combined with a seriously simple user interface, makes payroll training a thing of the past.

A fast, scalable and robust platform

Process 1 million payslips instantaneously - go on, we dare you!

Our platform is in the cloud and built using the latest web application technology and expertise. We defy any other platform in our industry to be as fast, scalable or as robust as us. With cloud-based technology, the future of payroll has been completely transformed.

Cloud-based tech means access to big data

Analyse your data in ways that haven’t been possible until now. Get the reports you need, when you need them. Customise your reports and get much more out of your data.

Now, your data can be mined to get information to help improve your bureau’s performance and give your clients valuable insights at a macro and a micro level.

  • Monitor your bureaus performance, with the KPIs that you choose
  • Monitor and track all bureau activity, with activity logs and full audit reports
  • Track pension statistics like opt-in and opt-out rates and average contribution amounts
  • Track salary averages across locations and industries and do analysis on gender pay gap anytime
  • Spot trends and gain insights, add value to your bureau and all of your clients

Industry-leading infrastructure

A Service Orientated Architecture hosted on the Windows Azure Platform

The ‘business layer’ is made up of a number of web and worker roles (Virtual Machines), which host ‘RESTful’ services that are individually secured by means of a supplied authentication string.


All communication takes place over an HTTPS (TLS) connection, credentials are checked and validated for every service requested and then the individual has their authorisation to access the particular service verified.

SHA-256 Encryption

We make use of the ASP.NET membership provider to manage the security system and ensure passwords are always encrypted.

Secure database

We use the Azure SQL Database which means any data we hold has all the protections afforded by the platform, this includes firewall protection limiting connections to only authorized services hosted within the Azure infrastructure.


We are always up to the date with all applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).